Islam is the second largest religion in the world in terms of number of followers. Islam is the religion began at 7th century by Muhammad (PBUH). The followers of the Religion Islam are called Muslims. Muslims follow the teaching of Quran The Holy Book and the practices of Muhammad (PBUH). Islam has spread mostly in Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa while other continents too contain muslim population. Most of the sacred places or holy sites are popular for pilgrims and tourists, they are considered important because they have religious, spiritual and historic values. Islam has given the world great artistic, architectural and valuable contributions.

Here are few sacred places of mentioned here.


Masjid-e-Haraam also known as sacred Mosque or the grand mosque of Makkah. It is the largest mosque in the whole world located at the center of the earth in Makkah. Majid-e-Haraam (The Kaaba) is also known as the house of Allah and is the Islam’s Holiest place. Muslim faces at the direction of Kaaba while performing Namaz (obligatory daily prayers). Hajj Pilgrimage is one of the five pillars of Islam to be performed at this holy place. Yearly millions of people go to Makkah at this holiest place the House of Allah Kaaba, to perform Umrah and Hajj. The current structure covers an area of 88.5 acres. The Kaaba_House of Allah is a cuboid shaped building in the center of Masjid-e-Haraamand is one of the most sacred sites in Islam. It is obligatory on every Muslim to once in his lifetime perform Hajj at this holy place.


Masjid-e-Nabvi is located at Medina (The city of the prophet). It is the second holiest place of Islam and also the final rest place of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). A muslim who came to perform Hajj must visit masjid-e-Nabvi to pey tribute and recite salam to the Prophet who spread the religion of Islam.


Jerusalem is the third most holy city in Islam after Makkah and Medina because of Majid-e-Aqsa. It was the original Qibla before Makkah. Our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) travelled into Heaven miraculously at night from Jerusalem at Mairaj also known as Isra Journey.


Masjid-e-Quba is a masjid in Medina. It has its own importance because it is the first masjid of Islam laid by Prophet Muhammad PBUH himself. It is a sacred place for all muslims because Prophet said that if any person offer nafl at this masjid, the blessing and reward he got was equivalent to the blessing and reward of UMRAH.


Masjid-e-Qiblatein is an important place for the Muslims because it was the place where during Zohar prayers Muhammad (PBUH) was ordered to change his direction of Qibla from Masjid-e-Aqsa to Masjid-e-Haram. And he did as he was ordered to do during performing Zohar prayers.


Sultan Ahmed Mosque is at Istanbul, Turkey. It was completed in 1616. It is also called blue Mosque because of exquisite blue tiles that adorns its interior. It is a holy sites of muslims and also a tourist destination for the muslim around the world.


Safaa and Marwah are two mountains in Makkah. These two mountains are important because it is obligatory on every muslim to perform Sai between these two mountains near Kaaba during Hajj and Umrah. The history behind it is Prophet Ismail’s (AS) mother Bibi Hijra run between these two mountains in search of water for his thirsty son. We perform Sai in this memory during Umrah and Hajj.


Karabala is also one of the sacred place for Muslim. It is the city in Iraq. For Shia Muslims karbala is the holiest place in the world, second only to Macca and Najaf.


Najaf a city of Iraq is the third holiest place for Shia Muslims. It consist of the tomb of Hazrat Ali (RA). The mosque was build their over the tomb by Iranian ruler in 977.


Jannat ul Muala and Jannat ul Baqi are two graveyards in Makkah and Medina. They has their importance and are called the sacred places because Many companions of our Holy prophet are buried in both these places. There are many blessings upon those who buried there as Muhammad (PBUH) said that at the day of judgement he will accompany all the companions buried at both these places.


Gaar – e – Hira a place in Makkah at Jabel e Noor is one of the holiest or sacred place because our Holy Prophet (PBUH) spend many days and nights there in worship. It is the place where Jibrael (AS) Angel came to prophet and give prophet the message of Allah (verses of Quraan). People climb upto Gaar-e-Hiraa to feel the holiness and spirituality.


Gaar-e-Ashab-e-Kahaf is one of the holy place for muslims because Allah protect his followers at this cave and blessed them with his blessing and kept them alive for 300 years. It is a cave in Jorden. Thousands of years back, 7 saints hide themselves in this cave to get themselves protected and save their lives from the ruler. Allah miraculously make them slept for 300 years. When they woke up and told people the story and mercy of Allah, it makes their emaan and faith more strong.


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