City and Temple Tour (Bangkok):

Thailand is the major travel hub of Southern East of Asia. Thailand is located at the center of the Indochinese peninsula in Mainland southern East of Asia. Thailand was become on the 10th top tourist destination in the World tourism Destination with 26.5 million international arrivals. Thailand comprises lots of many tourist attraction like The Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw, Similan Island, Floating Marking, Phi Phi Island, Railay Beach, Khao Yai National Park and much more. From the Beauty of Thailand from its north you will get highly amazed and charmed. The Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw is one of the best sightseeing in Bangkok, Thailand and the famed landmark, which was constructed in 1782. It was the Home of Thai King for 150 years. From inside on the walls of the Grand Palace there is Thai was ministry. This Grand Palace contains there are several inspiring buildings which includes Wat Phra Keaw (the temple of Emerald Buddha). Wat Arun is also known as Wat Cheng, which is located at the west (Thonburi) bank of the Chao Pharya River. It is the most favorite destination of tourists in Bangkok, not only for it location at the riverside but for its design because it is so different from the other temples. The temple is decorated colorfully and majestically over the water. The beauty which is given by the architectures to the temple is marvelous. There is more like sea life Bangkok which is located in the basement of the Siam Paragon Shopping Mall. This underwater world presents seven marine theme in its walks through aquarium. There is much more destination to visit as a tourist like Floating Market of Bangkok. This is the whole Market of tropical fruits, drinks and vegetable which is floating on water. This is like a boat tour for relaxing or some enjoyment.

Phi Phi Islands:

The Phi Phi Islands comes in one of the best and loveliest Island in South Asia. It took 90 minute ferryboat ride from Phuket. These island has also other kind of activities like rock climbing, cooking school etc. The first island in Phi Phi Islands is Koh Phi Phi Leh and Maya Bay. This Koh Phi Phi leh Island is the second largest island in the Phi Phi archipelago with stunning crystal clear water and white sand powder and lush tropical vegetation which lies 1.5 km off the southernmost tip of Phi Phi Don. This Island contains many visit point which includes Loh Sama, Pi Leh Bay, Viking Cave and Palong Bay which contains their own importance and the their own way of amusement. There is the view like “H” with its main village built on the horizontal bar. This view known as the view point, Phi Phi view point is the highpoints of Phi Phi Don. This view point is situated 186 m above the sea. There is another Island with its great nature named as Bamboo Island. Bamboo Island is a stunning hotspot that offers a gateway to the tourist. After than there is a Pirate Island Adventure provides three attractions, it is situated opposite to the Le Grand Bleu Restaurant about 50m from Koh Phi Phi Don main Pier. The three attractions includes an electronic shooting range with old pistols and muskets, a 5D motion theater with a choice between four ride, the Canyon Coaster, Haunted Mine, Cosmic Coaster and Ravine Racer and a 250sqm haunted house which can scare and amuse children and adults. This island opened in 2012, Pirate Island adventure is the first of this type of attraction on Phi Phi Island. At in the end the shark watching tour gained popularity for obvious reasons, release in 1975 of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. Shark have stimulated imagination.

Dream World with lunch:

Dream world is the absolute fantasy land for tourist. This is a big theme park in American style, it comprises many rides like bumping cars, Corkscrew, Swinging Viking Boat roller coaster. There is more rides of daredevil like Sky Coaster, Grand Canyon and Raptor. This park is full of all the characters of Hollywood, so children love it. There is a thrill to some live Hollywood style show. This tour includes many amusements sites. In the theme park your kids as well as adults will have a great time. This park contains stunning attractions for teenagers, there are water attraction like Super Splash, a boat ride with a huge splash and the Grand Canyon where you can raft down the water rapid. In the snow town kids can enjoy a sleigh ride, build through the snowballs. You can enjoy this all kind of amusements with tasty and delicious food in lunch.

Thai Classical Dance with dinner:

Enjoy the Old Bangkok memories in the show of Thai classical dance including the delicious dinner. You will discover the spirit of old Bangkok with full of memories. At the entertainment hall “Ruen Thep Theater” feast on authentic Thai food covered with stylish views of the village of colonial stylish houses with the Thai classical dance at the trading center, Silom village, situated on Silom Road within walking distance of BTS Sky trains. This evening or Tour involves a set meal of a variety of exotic Thai dishes which will serve in the traditional Thai style. Thai set dinner comprises spring rolls, Shrimp in spicy and sour soup, chicken green curry, fried mix vegetables, rice and fried sliced fish with sweet and sour sauce, fresh fruits and tea or coffee. Thai classical dance is totally different from the western entertainments. Thai classical dance tour also known as the cultural night, in this tour you will see the old culture of Thailand. Its elaborate slow movements but mesmerizing with love fully rhythms and various king of oriental instrumental sounds.

Coral Island Excursion:

There are several Islands in Pattaya, Pattaya is well known for its variety of leisure activities on water spot. Coral Island is situated at the south of Phuket Island. Coral Island contains lot of nature beauty and the paradise on Earth. Coral Island contains spectacular clear water like crystal, clean white sand beaches astonishing and coral reefs and marine life. Coral Island is covered by multicolored coral reefs and that’s why its name is Coral Island. Coral Island is one of the most snorkeling and water spot destination. Swimming or snorkeling at the Coral Island is just not only fun but you can also get amusement from the other activities like banana boat, Parasailing, scuba diving etc. On the tour day you will discover the nature beauty of Thailand. Coral island offers the best time to the tourist in vacations.

Safari World Zoo and Park:

The Safari world Zoo is opened in 1988, some people loves to visit zoo and some people are not, but this park contains all kinds of interesting birds and animals. Safari world zoo separated into two different district areas, the opened space of Safari Park where can you can drive through car or in the park bus which represents 480 acres of opened zoo and 180 acres of its bird park. After then there is a Marine Park, a traditional zoo mixed with many shows, food stalls and lots of souvenir shops. In the part you can see animals as walrus, orang utan, kangaroo, monkey, crocodile, all kind of tropical birds and giant fish. Safari Park is more than an animal zoo, you can also watch a western cowboy stunt show and much more. The shows includes a Spy War show, a spectacular action filled show with explosions, gunfire and para trooping stunts. The open area is spread to the eight kilometer in air where the animals can feel free and where only humans are tolerated. The first part of zoo is for many species of zebras, camels, antelopes, gazelles and many amazing quantity of large birds, pelicans, cranes and nightmarish marabou storks. There is an amazing platform where you can feed the Giraffe and where you can feed banana to the friendly giants, this is the most attractive platform to enjoy. You can drive your own car according to their rules and regulations. Safari World is a big favorite of families and kids, some of the Thai tourist said that this is best destination or tour to spend a day among wildlife and this is the rare pleasure to getting close to animals in the world.

City tour of Chang Mai:

Chang Mai is contains both natural and cultural attractions. The tour explores the most famous and old attractions like Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai zoo, Chiang Mai Night Safari, Wat Chedi Luang, Mae Sa Elephant Camp, Doi Inthanon National Park etc. You will see the architecture diversity among the Lanna, Thai, Sri Lankan, Burmese and Mon styles. There are so many other places to visit and see in the surrounding the city. The Doi Suthep is an endless part of life in Chiang Mai. One of the tourist said about Doi Suthep that if have not visit Doi Suthep during your tour than you have not been to Chiang Mai. According the statement its means that this is the most important destination to discover the nature of Chiang Mai. Doi Suthep is the home of the most deeply loved symbols in the Kingdom. There is the highest peak in the park named as Doi Pui with 1,685 meter high which is the 8th highest mountain in Thailand. Mae Sa Falls, Huay Kaew Falls and Monthathan Falls are some of the most amusing and spectacular waterfalls at the Kingdom’s northern reaches in amazingly cool temperature. After that there is Chiang Mai zoo which surprisingly interested which is scattered about 200 acre of land in the foothills of Doi Suthep and offering the dazzling view of the city. Chiang Mai zoo certainly worth a visit. The Chiang Mai zoo nearly contains 400 different species of animals which includes Elephant, Tiger, Chimpanzees, Hippopotami and rhinoceroses. The zoo also contains some excellent attractions like the walk through aviary, a fascinating freshwater aquarium and the zoo’s stars – Chuang Chuang and Lui Hui and two young pandas who were sent as the goodwill ambassadors from China in 2003. There is more places of attraction like Chiang Mai Night Safari, which modeled after the Singapore Night Safari. The Chiang Mai Night Safari is the part of Thai government’s huge multi million baht plan to increase the tourist attraction. The Chiang Mai Night Safari contains three animal zones which are set around the lake. The Savanna Safari and Predator Safari are open sided safari trams and the last is Jaguar Trail which is a walking trail that you can wander along at your own pace.

City tour of Phuket:

Phuket has many places of attraction to see, visit and to discover that it takes a good tactician to take it all in and plan ahead. The Phuket has many attraction for tourist like Phi Phi Island which is already described above and there is lots of places to visit such as Sea Kayaking, Phuket FantaSea Show, Bamboo Rafting Nature Tour etc. on the tour day you will discover the most famous and cultural destinations of Phuket. There is more destinations which make a reason to make Phuket more exciting like Phuket Big Buddha, Phuket weekend market, Wangtalang Lapidary Gem factory, Mookda Harbel Centre and Old Phuket Town’s Sino-Portuguese buildings. Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand covers about 576 sqkm which is comparable to area of Singapore. At the Southwestern part of the Island, the most renowned beaches and resorts are located.


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