Emirates is an airline which is grounded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Emirates operate 3,300 Flights to more than 80 countries per week and the numerous destinations are added each year. It comes in categories of 4-star flights of the world. Emirates flews his first flight to Dubai in 1985 and now it is the most demanding airline in the Middle East and it becomes the seventh Major Airline of the World. Emirates was the only airline with the personal entertainment system on the commercial in 1922.Emirates allow to their traveler if they want to connect with the ground to their relative with the fastest in-flight internet services and it becomes the second best airline with live telecast. This airline is working on across six continents with continuous flights from Dubai to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Houston. Emirates provide meal made from fresh and good ingredients to their passengers it doesn’t matter in which class they are travelling by. Emirates recently made a partnership with Qantas. There is an Ice Entertainment System in Emirates which provides 2,500 channels arranged on-demand entertainments, where you can enjoy various movies and programs all over the world. During Flight you will get healthy variety of dining choices by which you can easily avail any dish according to your choice.


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