Air Arabia is situated with its head office at Sharjah Freight Centre, Sharjah International Airport in United Arab Emirates. It was constructed in 3rd Feb 2003 and was issued by Sultan bin Mohammad Al- Qasimi, at that time he was the Ruler of Sharjah. It also situated as a hub in Ras Al Khaimah. It is the first low cost Airline in the Middle East and North Africa. The airline covers around 51 destinations in Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, Europe, North Africa and Central Asia to 22 countries from the its main hub, 28 destinations in 9 countries from Fez, Tangier and Casablanca, 11 destinations in 8 countries from Ras Al Khaimah and around 6 destinations in 4 countries from Alexandria. Air Arabia was started working on 28 Oct 2003 with its first flight from Sharjah to Bahrain. Air Arabia gives you the opportunity to choose a variety of TV Programs, Games and collection of movies during the flight. Air Arabia airline provides delicious international food made from fresh ingredients at even low prices for their passenger’s relief during flight.


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